The Integrated Evolution

- Bites of Wisdom for the Wise -

  “Nothing comes easy” “Hard work pays off” “No pain no gain” . These are all lies . — at least when it comes to what we will, in life. . Everything we do from OBLIGATION, lowers our vibration. Everything we do from PURPOSE, raises it. That’s why doing a job we don’t care about is called stress, […]

In another world we cant remember, LOVE meant POWER, and POWER meant LOVE. –  LOVE and POWER were one and the same. – They were one word and it meant the right thing. – But at some point LOVE and POWER divided, and entered the World of Duality as separate words– no longer united. . […]

An angel and demon fell into time and space- an illusory place called life. They were tasked to remember what the whole world forgot: The truth of the self – The way back to light. . Without one another, there’d be no escape. Becoming each other- a matter of fate. So began the story of […]

. There are two lives from which to choose, . The Life of FEAR and The Life of LOVE . We are eternally bound to the life we choose, and already chose our life before we got here. That choice determines our life challenge— what it is we are tasked to do. . Most people live the life of FEAR. […]

. In the beginning, in a place far, far away outside of space and time a star declared, . “God, are you listening? I want to want something — anything!” in his darkest moment of despair. . God listened to the star, and simply asked, “Why?” . The star said, “I forgot what it’s like […]

The purpose of life is complete acceptance of self. . . Fulfilling this purpose rests on the foundation of four pillars: . . Honesty Trust Respect Loyalty . . The Pillars of Purpose are not simply sought — they must be achieved. Only the individual alone can do this, by solving the challenges that lie in between. . . For […]