The Importance of Negative Emotion


Fully experiencing our negative emotions and treating them as spiritual lessons is essential for self improvement and overall well-being.

Unfortunately, we’ve also been taught that in order to be successful, we need to get control over our emotions. To be seen as “emotional” is considered a bad thing, and displays of both positive and negative emotions are considered inappropriate.

This societal conditioning is incredibly damaging to the psyche and to our potential for healing.

Contrary to popular belief, emotions are not a reaction to an event, or something external, which is why most people make the mistake of changing their environment or outward behavior in an attempt to deal with these unpleasant feelings. When we attempt to heal through suppressing or ignoring emotion, all we are doing is treating the symptoms—not the cause. Negative emotion isn’t something to be ignored or squashed, but it also isn’t something to get stuck in. When you experience negative emotion–you need to feel it. And then you need to address the REAL cause of it:


You need to change your THOUGHTS.


Negative emotion is an indicator that what you’re thinking about (what you’re focusing on), isn’t serving you. The thought patterns someone processes while experiencing fear, anxiety or anger is what they need to change in order to reconnect conscious self and unconscious self (sometimes called the ‘real self’). In other words, these are thoughts that are in disagreement with who you really are. Disharmonious and negative thought patterns will take you off track of where you need to be to evolve. And the ‘real’ you has only your best interests in mind. Think about why intuition or ‘gut feel’ always guides you in the right direction…




I read this ages ago and it stuck with me. As an HSP (highly sensitive person), I’ve made the mistake too many times of trying to suppress the alarm of negative emotion with behaviors that don’t serve me. I think almost all of us do this. It wasn’t until i made a conscious decision to feel my negative emotions, that I finally began my path toward healing.

Instead of going to the bar to anesthetize the pain, or undertaking obsessive work-out regimes to escape, I began practicing MINDFULNESS. The first moment I began to feel depressed, or anxious, I focused intensely on the present moment and exactly what thoughts were going through my mind.

Well, I quickly realized I didn’t have the most positive self talk. Nor did I have a very good attitude toward life in general. So I started changing the way i thought about things. I selectively chose what thoughts I allowed to enter my mind. I reminded myself to feel gratitude. I forced myself to think constructively instead of passively, shifting from victim mentality to an empowered mode of thinking.

It wasn’t easy. In fact, if  your a control freak like me, it’s actually (and counter-intuitively) the victim mentality that gives us a greater sense of control. It’s no surprise that I was stuck in negative thought patterns for so long.

After a few weeks of intense focus on correcting my thought patterns, I noticed my mood had dramatically improved. It was not only apparent to me, but also others closest to me. I remember a friend saying “She’s back!”… and in a way, I was. I was back in sync with my true self again.




Every time you recognize and correct your negative or disharmonious thoughts, you are rewiring your neuro-pathways. It takes only 30 days to permanently re-wire your brain—or in other words, form a new habit.

That is tremendously encouraging. The best thing we can do to manifest our desires and stay on the correct path is to truly feel the deepest depths of our emotions and re-consider our thoughts in that moment.

For me, this was the only way I could break down my habits toward disassociation and work towards acceptance and re-focus.

It’s time we un-stigmatize the darkest human emotions and learn to embrace and respect our despair, heartache and loneliness. These are important guides leading us toward self actualization. Without them, we wouldn’t know when or how to identify and correct disharmonious thought patterns.

Remember– It’s through correcting disharmonious thought patterns that we are able to sharpen PERCEPTION. [See Clear Perception is Having the Right Attitude and Perspective]


 Positive emotion = Correct path. Negative emotion = Incorrect path.


THINK wisely– SEE wisely!












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