Focusing on Voltage — not Calories– for Optimal Health

I’m a huge advocate of fasting– at least a couple times a week.

The most common argument against fasting is based on the misbelief that you need a minimum of 750 cal just to keep your organs running properly.

   Optimal organ function actually relies on balanced PH, which means EXACTLY the same thing as maintaining proper voltage. (PH and voltage are interchangeable).

The healthy person maintains a -50mV charge. Why? Because that’s the charge required to create new cells. Remember, all chronic disease stems from improper cell reproduction. Aging is also a result of this.

Which is why it’s not the calorie we should be concerned with, its the amount of voltage in the food we eat we should be concerned with! That’s what gives the term “empty calorie” credence.

High voltage = raw, living foods. Low voltage = anything microwaved or frozen i.e processed foods.

I guarantee your organs won’t be running properly if you ingest 2000 calories a day of low voltage foods either.

And food energy is just one form of attaining the electron donation we need to maintain voltage.  There are actually several other energy sources available to us.

For example, we can actually ‘re-charge’ our bodies by gaining an electron donation from the sun, as well as from physical contact with anything higher voltage– i.e skin contact with trees and soil.  This explains why being in the sun decreases appetite. Ever wonder why tree hugging is so popular among those of us who are evolving?

And when you continue down the alternative research path, here’s where it gets weird and awesome:

It seems that some people are better adjusted to receiving energy from alternative sources — i.e sun gazing and earth grounding– and are able to synthesize this energy completely. In fact, some spiritual mystics and shamans who practice sun-gazing are able to go years without eating, and have perfect health (check out Prahland Jani or Hira Ratan Manek). These guys have been studied and verified by independent research teams and even NASA.

Which goes to show how powerful raising your voltage can be Voltage is what we need to be focusing on — not on maintaining a specific caloric intake. With that in mind, I also think it’s wise to give the digestive system a break from time to time — which is just one of the reasons I fast. When the benefits include lowered appetite, higher energy levels, and improved health — there’s no good reason not to!



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