The Life of Love vs The Life of Fear

There are two lives from which to choose,


The Life of FEAR


The Life of LOVE


We are eternally bound to the life we choose, and already chose our life before we got here. That choice determines our life challenge— what it is we are tasked to do.


Most people live the life of FEAR. In the beginning, they chose denial. They are tasked to face PAIN in order to live a life that isn’t a lie.


Some of us live the life of LOVE. In the beginning we chose pain. We are tasked to overcome FEAR in order to live a life that doesn’t hurt.


In their best case, their life (of FEAR) becomes the truth.
In our best case, we live our life (of LOVE) in peace.


They may realize the TRUE LIE, but only real eyes reach the WHOLE TRUTH.


That’s why, in the beginning, we chose the best choice. By choosing pain over denial, we faced ORIGINAL FEAR (pain). By choosing denial over pain, they committed ORIGINAL SIN (denial).


While most of the world gave into temptation,

the wisest few chose right.











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