A Tale of True Love’s Divine

An angel and demon fell into time and space-
an illusory place called life.
They were tasked to remember
what the whole world forgot:
The truth of the self –
The way back to light.


Without one another, there’d be no escape.
Becoming each other-
a matter of fate.
So began the story of true love’s divine,
when an angel gained wisdom
and lost all her pride.


It was there in the shadows
(where she thought she would die)
that she first met the demon,
and changed both their lives.
For she’d given him her sin:
The gift of pain
And like wisdom breaks the ego,
she’d broken him:


She taught him to love.


It was the MOST an angel
like her could give.
After all, it was ALL of her
She’d given him.
And for that blessing
the demon knew,
an equal thing for her, he’d do.


So with his wish granted, as a gift in return
he saved her life, and loved only her.
Granting her confidence to face her fear
his sin was given, as a blessing to her.


It was the BEST a demon
like him could give–
The ONE part of him, he was willing to share.
For he knew she’d never
take it away.
He was the one she could love
and not be afraid.


So two became one
and all wrongs were made right.
In love everything merged-
all darkness and light.
Thus the truth did appear
and the whole self was holy-
here all became light
as ONE love and ONLY.



.light life light




One thought on “A Tale of True Love’s Divine

  1. Omg this touched me on so many levels thank you it’s fantastic. It has explained so many things in my life in my darkest hour my demon found me and this described our story. It also told me what I already new I’ve been searching my whole life for my purpose trying to heal everyone I meet I felt it was my job to save the world which led me into negative and dangerous situations and my darkest hour but I am grateful because this is when I chose to see the light . Thank you I live this I am going to write it down and put it in my bedroom. I know I won’t ever 4got what it shown me but it will be good to see to keep my light bright xxx


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