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 The WORLD you see is your own MIND Trying to reach the NOW And that’s why KNOWLEDGE takes TIME to loose And WISDOM takes EXPERIENCE to gain EXPERIENCE is dependent on TIME . The MIND you don’t see is your own WORLD Trying to reach the INFINITE That’s why INFORMATION takes SPACE to gain And TIME takes […]

. So I read lots of spirituality blogs — and one thing I notice is this: Words like soul, spirit, and ego get tossed around on the reg— and that’s a problem. Why? Because most of us aren’t clear on what these words really mean — including those of us writing. As a result, insight gets lost […]

I’m a huge advocate of fasting– at least a couple times a week. The most common argument against fasting is based on the misbelief that you need a minimum of 750 cal just to keep your organs running properly.    Optimal organ function actually relies on balanced PH, which means EXACTLY the same thing as maintaining proper voltage. (PH […]

. Loneliness is powerful. . Neuroscientists now believe that loneliness may be more harmful to us than any other form of trauma. Studies using brain imaging technology show us that in some cases, chronic loneliness is more damaging to the brain than long-term methamphetamine abuse. . This might come as a surprise, because generally speaking, most […]

~ . . When we experience PLEASURE, we achieve gratification. .  We gain pleasure from something EXTERNAL. .  Pleasure is therefore TEMPORARY. Anything temporary fuels desire. And when we desire, we give our power away to something else. . Gratification is only the ILLUSION of happiness. Because we are dependent on something we CAN’T control. . The side effect of […]